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Yuki OC write-up
Age: 24 (as of Age 767)
Race: Human
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 112
Eyes: Dark blue, kind of piercing
Hair: White-ish blue, long - knee-length
Home: Yuki lives in a cheap portable capsule house in the forest outside Gingertown. After the announcement of the Cell Games, she stubbornly moved said house to a spot next to the arena, much to Cell’s chagrin/amusement. Her home decor fits the theme of ‘stuff Yuki likes’, meaning her walls are covered in Marvel/DC Comics posters and framed insects.
College: Majored in entomology, but had to drop out before her last year due to lack of money. In college, she was in the tennis club and part of a very bad ghost hunting group called 'The Gingertown Ghostsmashers’. She stole an orchid mantis from the college’s insectarium, named it Fancy Mel, and let it live in her house… she event
:iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 2 0
PETTING INTENSIFIES :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 143 9 SPN Team Free Will beadwork :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 59 7 SPN First Blade beadwork :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 39 8 Hellraiser's Lament Configuration 3D :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 39 18 WILLOW'S ACID TRIP :iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 6 6
Afiel OC write-up
Age: He really has no age, being created outside of time and space itself. So there’s really no specific year to calculate his age from.
Race: Currently a type of angel - a Virtue of the angelic hierarchy. He originally belonged to the Seraphim before he had his little fall and spent some time as a human.
Appearance: He normally appears to have a calm, serious demeanor - slightly intimidating. Though when he’s happy, or something catches his interest, he exhibits a much more kind and relaxed appearance. He has three forms - his true form, a semi-physical angelic form, and a human “costume”.
His true form is a massive incorporeal swirling being made up of both holy energy and god energy, giving off light of every color, including those impossible for a human to comprehend. Because of this, he can only show his true form to a select few - other non-human entities with the power to wield either god energy or holy energy. The interior has a cobw
:iconellsworth-toohey:Ellsworth-Toohey 3 9


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February Finesse
Fields lie brown and bare trees bend as half-hearted fronts skirt the mountains in snow yet leave the grass untouched. It is too soon for spring--the fickle weather teases and promises what should not be yet, and the birds murmur softly in the bushes, confused whether to court or wait until more storms pass. In life, all that is fallow, that rests while we shore up our resources, our energy, echoes the uncertain promise of the future. Can we brave the weather, are we strong enough to build in spite of how different from past seasons things are? Yet impossible as it seems, a funny lightness blows through the barren pastures of our dreams, setting off this song, like the birds tentatively chirping, praise be for hope which springs eternal, for the spirit which encourages us to reach out, share, create, persevere, try something new, never lies fallow, but is always at work within. The wind is blowing, O hear and be of good cheer. With love to my fellow Deviant Artists, and as always, plea
:iconrhunel:rhunel 3 20
Lynn Fauxma :iconkimaroki:Kimaroki 8 11 Dragonball Z Logo Perler Bead sprite, and Cell Per :iconjnjfranklin:jnjfranklin 8 0 St.Gabriel :icondark-kanita:Dark-kanita 61 22 Baby's First Tantrum :iconeverstarcatcher:EverStarcatcher 14 16 Marmy (New Devourer OC) :iconeverstarcatcher:EverStarcatcher 35 16 2D/3D Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales with background :iconmagicpearls:MagicPearls 13 0 The Worst Wedding Ever (en espanol~!) :iconeverstarcatcher:EverStarcatcher 26 24
HELLO DEVIANTART IT'S BEEN A WHILLLEEEEE. Or hello to the small number of people that read this anyway. MAH BUDS. hug This is my very first journal entry as a PARENT, so how awesome is that?! (answer: very awesome)

I'm not really the type to constantly bombard people with baby photos until they want to run away and put me on ignore, so I'm just going to get all this out in ONE POST! HAVE SOME ELLA VIDEL STUFF!

Ella1 The ADORING sorts of looks she gives to people?! This was her all Christmas Day long. Staring at everyone and being HAPPY. It's so great! I'm so glad her colicky BS is over now. ...cause yeah, she had colic. And it sucked.

Ella2 Christmas outfit. SO CUTE. SO DERPY. She stayed in it for roughly ONE HOUR before having to go back to pajamas because she is a squirmy lil shit.

Ella3 After 28 hours of labor! YUP 28. I guess it's customary to bring a little bag of makeup and a brush so you can pretty yourself up afterwards for the post-labor photo, but screw that. No fucks are given by me, you're supposed to look hideous and ratty after 28 hours of intense exercise.

VIDEO TIME OH MY GOD. [link] [link] 

Future dA related crap: More bead things! What kinds of bead things, I don't know. Who knows? Tenzin Shrug Just more. REALLY. And the Ask Afiel thing for the two or three people that actually care about that x3 which MIGHT wind up being more of a reddit thing than a dA thing. I don't know yet. Probably a crossover on both!

And more slacking off, which is my absolute favorite thing in the whole entire world! Mabel pines 
  • Listening to: Sam Tsui
  • Reading: Some fun Dean/Cas fanfiction, yaaaay
  • Watching: Son of Zorn
  • Playing: Goat Simulator
  • Eating: Delicious Godiva chocolates
  • Drinking: Sunkist


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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
I am Mouka... or Ells (most people on DA call me Ells though, I guess that's easier to remember)
-makes things out of beads
-decades-long enduring DBZ obsession
-holes up in art museums
-college student "on sabbatical"
-will gladly be friends and talk your ear off

Current sexies obsessions muses?: Cell, Seto Kaiba, Gul Dukat, Sylvanas Windrunner, xenomorphs, Alexstrasza, Thrax, Castiel, Alexander Anderson, "Arcade" Sona, Pinhead, and Miku Hatsune.

Places I am other than DA:
WoW: Mouka (Horde prot pally, Skywall server) and Cell (Alli ww monk, Fizzcrank server)
Madison, WI


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bugmint Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2017
oh gosh, your bead work is utterly amazing and inspiring, its all so gorgeous ??? im really glad i found your art omg

i hope this isnt rude of me to ask but, would you ever consider doing commissions? 0:
Ellsworth-Toohey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aw thanks! I dunno, I don't get too many requests for commissions outside of family and such! I might, depending on how big a piece it'd be! x3
bugmint Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2017
ah i see, well if you do ever open them up ill keep my eye open for it!

thank you!!
Aurora-Alley Featured By Owner Edited Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist
oohhh, I didn't realize at first that the handsome blue-haired angel is your creation:3 Emoticon 
Ellsworth-Toohey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
That he is! You're making him blush by calling him handsome, he's such a modest lil guy. Exo : Kai Laughing 
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